Buying quality used cars in South Wales

Are you looking for quality cars for sale South Wales? There are many reliable and reputable dealers in the region that can help you find the car you’re looking for. No matter how much you have to spend or what your tastes are, you shouldn’t struggle to find something suitable on the local market. If you do want to buy a second-hand car, but have never purchased one before, why not see if you can get help from a more experienced friend or family member?

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Get the legal protection you need

Don’t be swayed by a low price tag alone – even if the price does look good, you’ll still need to pay for tax, fuel and insurance, so do bear all of these costs in mind. Buy from a private seller and you may face a tough battle to return the car if you later find a fault you weren’t told about before. However, you will get the valuable protection of the Sale of Goods Act if you get your car from a dealer. Most dealers are part of prestigious trade networks too, and they won’t want to risk being kicked out them and losing their reputation by failing to treat you fairly.

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How has the car been treated?

Always feel free to ask as many questions as you feel you need to before you sign on the dotted line. Check that the car has been serviced effectively and regularly. If it’s more than three years old, it should have undergone MOT testing on a regular basis too. View any car you’re thinking about buying in dry and light conditions where faults cannot be hidden by darkness or moisture. Go for a test drive and conduct an emergency stop so you can see how the car performs in dangerous situations.

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