Five Tips for Online Car Shopping

Shopping for a car can take some time, especially if you decide to drive to each lot in your area to view their selections. One way to make it easier to buy a new or used car is to shop for them online. Here are five helpful tips for purchasing a used vehicle on the internet.


Know What You Want

Whether you’re shopping for a car in person or online, you should know what type vehicle you want. Knowing exactly what you want regarding size, make, model and even colour will help make your car shopping experience quicker and easier. Most dealerships posting their used car inventory online will have a way for you to narrow the search parameters, so you find out if the dealer has the type of vehicle for which you’re looking.

Set a Budget

Just as you would when purchasing any other expensive item, you need to set a budget when you’re shopping for a car. While it is easier to avoid a pushy salesperson when shopping online, you can still fall for the car you cannot afford when you are looking through a dealership’s inventory. Narrow your search on the website by selecting the price range you can afford so you won’t be tempted by vehicles not in your budget.

Inspect the Cars

After creating a list of the cars you’ve found online, take the time to visit the dealership to inspect the cars for sale in Canberra you liked. While the picture on the website may depict a nice car, the images usually won’t show its flaws, such as the small dents or scratches on the body. However, before you drive to the lots, call ahead to make sure the car is still in their inventory, so you don’t waste your time and gas for nothing.

Plan to Negotiate

Even though a dealership may claim the online price is the “final” price, you can still negotiate with them. Do some research into the average value of a vehicle’s make and model so you have an idea of what the price range should be. The make, model, and mileage of a vehicle, along with its condition, will affect its value. The mileage, make, model and the VIN are usually available online, so use this information to research its value to prepare for negotiations before going to the dealership.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Before buying a used car, call your insurance carrier to ask about coverage options before you make the final selection. Then, when you finalise the sale, call them again to write a policy so you can drive the car home the same day you buy it. By being prepared, you can finalise your purchase, have it insured and drive home in your “new to you” vehicle off the lot as soon as you sign the sales contract.

These car buying tips can help you find a good used vehicle when you’re shopping for one online from your local dealerships.


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