Mercedes Benz of Houston

When buying a luxury vehicle in Texas there is no finer establishment then the Mercedes Benz in Houston, TX. Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands prides itself on being more than just a car dealership, in fact they take the approaches of a luxury retailer, with the philosophy of taking care of the employees as they would a customer,and with it greater success. Striving to reach the same level of any other luxury retailer. Though Only being operated for a couple of years, Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands has accumulated team members with years of experience and knowledge. All who share the common goalto serve above and beyond for any customer who comes, regardless of their intent to buy.

Mercedes Benz of Houston

Before you walk through the door, you can get a sense of the quality and scope this dealership possesses. With an enormous facility, it can almost be intimidating by standing outside. Their houses a large number of vehicles ranging in prices and Models. The all glass walls allow for a sense openness putting the customers at ease, knowing that there is no gimmicks or secrets with this dealership just quality cars at quality prices. At the front door customers are greeted at the front desk,the main show room encompassesall around you and all current models are on display, giving guests a chance to view cars, while sheltered from the hot Texas weather.

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Just beyond the show room floor is a Bar, Boutique and lounge. First is the self-serve Ice cream and coffee bar, providing quality refreshments and seating while waiting for services to take place or asking one of the excellent sale associates any lingering questions. Right next to the bar is the boutique selling a verity of Mercedes Benz merchandise for those dedicated fans. But what really stands out at this location is its lounge, it’s not just the entertainment center or comfortable leather couches that make this lounge stand out, it is location right next to the service center and the glass wall separating you from your vehicle. Continuing the trend of being transparent, you can watch and ensure that the factory trained technicians are working hard at servicing your Mercedes Benz.

mercedes benz r350 for sale in houston

Even if you think you may be unable to afford a Mercedes, Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands has just as wide selection of used vehicle as their newer models. Being personally inspected by in house technicians it is no surprise at the quality of all of their inventory. It isn’t all just cars that they offer, between warranties and maintenance packages, to help with any future need you as the client may need. This is to make sure the you the customer is satisfied and return.  Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands isn’t just a business it’s a family that prides itself on its work and relation with its customers. Extending beyond the walls of the dealership and reach the community, supporting charities alongside community held events to better give back.

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